SharePoint Consulting

Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint within their business to help their staff, partners and clients to share and use information better. With the maturity of Cloud Computing the power and flexibility of this platform is available to all organizations without the overhead of software licensing, hardware and annual maintenance.

SharePoint is a vast product capable of so much and therefore it is necessary to take a pragmatic view towards projects on this platform.  Effort is needed to establish appropriate site ownership and governance guidelines as part of any project as well as an established change management strategy if a new enterprise system is to be deployed.  Having established the basics b2infosoft will identify low risk, high impact projects that can deliver a quick return to our clients.
Some of the challenges our clients have overcome with SharePoint include:

  • The need to access various systems to perform basic functions and produce reports.
  • New information silos being introduced with no consideration to overall technology and information management strategy.
  • Poor quality and inconsistent information available to the user including duplication and out of date information.
  • An inability for users to quickly find accurate information they need to do their job.
  • The cost of training new staff and/or the need for them to ‘re-invent the wheel’ to develop effective ways for them to access information in the current environment.
  • Data security – losing company Intellectual Property when staff leave the company.
  • Users spending up to 20% of their time ‘looking’ for information – before they give up and ask the person next to them.

b2infosoft work with our clients to improve data quality and security, enhance process efficiency and productivity and facilitate a platform that allows effective decision making to occur.

Whatever your current priority – improving the intranet or website, introducing collaboration and social media for employees, allowing employees to use mobile technology to do their job better, better document management etc – b2infosoft can make it happen with a SharePoint Solution.